Projektvy – #018 Growing Green Globe

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What is your innovation?

The Innovation is a combination of art object and urban gardening with local energy production for charging of electric devices.

What problem does your innovation solve? (Non-technical description in laymen’s terms)

A beautiful art object will help increase awareness and understanding about ecosystems and principles of circular resource management and their function by involving users/citizens in the design process.

The Innovation will be built and setup together with local citizens and our network. In this prototype we are using a growroom (Green Groowing Globe II) as a base structure to build the innovation 


How does it work? (Explain in technical terms the core commercial and technological innovation of your solution)

The prototype is made by a wooden structure which supports different sources of energy and enables open standard modules and devices that work together. The modules can be replaced independently for upgrade and service or expanded to more functions for comprehensive circular systems.

The prototype is made by materials that are manufactured or adapted locally, and made available by opensource design. The structure will have design guidelines which are based on circularity and sustainability using renewable, recycled and upcycled ways and materials when possible. Design is made open-source. Guidelines and know-how allowing easy-access to information from broad public.

The commercial side of the innovation uses a system approach similar to “bostadsrätt” and from a user perspective the user pays a deposit for access to system and a monthly fee for access to each service. solarXbike is one service connected to the innovation which is a system for co-owning bikes charged with solarenergy.