Bygga bakhjul till the Beast

Författare: Lars Lindmark | Datum: 16 juni, 2020 | Projekt: Projekt #030| Nyckelord: 03


Verktyg | DT Swiss | Grin Spoke Calc | Custom Cut spokes |

Beräknad längd 1 cross : Höger (växelsida):193 mm | Vänster: 195 mm

Beräknad längd 2 cross: Höger (växelsida): 206 mm | Vänster: 208 mm

Cross Pattern: Most hub motors are laced with a single cross pattern. There is no point at all in having 2 or more crosses with the large flange diameters of most hub motors, and doing so will usually result the spoke entering the rim at a very difficult angle. Small geared hubs can be laced into large diameter (>26") rims with a double cross pattern OK, and large direct drive motors in small (<=20") rims usually can only be laced radially with 0 cross. If you have a motor with paired spoke holes, then a 0 cross pattern still has a spoke angle for transmitting torque, and there is no need for even single crossing the spokes
Spoke Angle: This is the angle between the spoke and the tangent line of the rim. Generally speaking, if the angle is more than 80 degrees then it can be laced with relative ease. If the angle is less than 75 degrees, then the spoke nipples will have some difficulty in angling in the same direction as the spokes, and you may need to either put a bend in the spoke so that it enters the rim a bit more radially, or drill out the rim holes slightly larger so that the nipples have more freedom to pivot. Angles less than about 70 degrees are quite problematic and best avoided.


Rodi rims Parallex

ETRTO 507 x 21C

Erd 1: 499




Spänning: 48V 26″
Antal ekrar: 36
Pitch Circle: 120