Robust system för reglerering utan överordnad styrning

Farmers within irrigation systems, such as those in Bali, solve complex coordination problems to allocate water and control pests. Lansing and Kremer’s 1993 study of Balinese water temples showed that this coordination problem can be solved by assuming simple local rules for how individual communities make their decisions. Using the original Lansing-Kremer model, I analyzed […]

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Examensarbete Jonas

I denna uppsats har jag undersökt metoder för förvaltande av kunskap samt lärande på arbetsplatsen genom att utgå ifrån personalens expertkunskaper inom sitt arbete och hur företag kan ta tillvara dessa. Den samlade kunskapen som finns på företag är ett värdefullt verktyg. Om den skulle varit möjligt att ta tillvara den på ett effektivt sätt skulle både medarbetare och företagets utveckling kunna dra stor nytta av det. Jag har undersökt hur denna kunskap skulle kunna förvaltas för att de anställda ska kunna få mer ansvar och möjlighet att förbättra sin arbetsplats med hjälp av olika metoder. Detta har jag gjort i samarbete med företaget Jidoka Innovation och deras metoder under samlingsnamnet HelpMe. Mitt case har varit Santa Marias tortillafabrik i Vadensjö. Därhar jag tillsammans med personalen utvecklat och utvärderat HelpMe:s metodik för att skapa en effektivare produktionsprocess.

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Kunskapsöverföring i Innovationsprojekt

The ability to create, utilise, transfer and protect knowledge is a source for sustaining competitive advantage. The augmented attention that has been given to knowledge has also lead to an increased organisational focus on strategies and organisational designs that help create new sources of knowledge and ideas. Furthermore, as project organisations aim at accomplishing long-term business strategies through short-term operational projects, the discussion about the importance and meaning of knowledge in projects has become of interest. There is also indications of that there is no natural knowledge transfer within a project, and it can be difficult to ensure a transfer of knowledge after the completion of a project.

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Examensarbete Eric o Tobias

If Tetra Pak will be able to develop new supportive and competitive products, partly or completely based on information technology it is a necessity to facilitate a continuous updating of the customers’ requirements in the development process. This thesis has partly studied operators and technicians among the customer’s personnel and their information requirements.
Another part of the study, based on these information requirements focus on new opportunities for Tetra Pak to see an economical potential in new information systems for their customers, both from a relationship and a strategic perspective and what such systems may imply for the organisation in the future.

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The Usability of Next Generation TPOP

As the complexity of the filling machines is increasing there is a wish to improve the usability of the Tetra Pak Operator Panel. Also new types of information and system services1 are requested, to better support the decision-making for the operators, the technicians and other categories of personnel, and to assist them in their daily work.

This master thesis includes two parts that are both relevant to the development of the “next generation” TPOP. The task formulation is: 1. Describe how to develop the next generation TPOP with focus on usability. 2. Perform a competitive analysis with regard to usability and system services.

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Examensarbete Troubleshooting

  The goal of this project is to develop an interface for an intranet solution connected to a database for usage by service technicians where it is possible to both submit and obtain knowledge. Every technician has, as things stand at present, their own notebook where they have their own tips and tricks. The longer […]

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Examensarbete Maria Hägerstrand

– A user-oriented perspective on requirements for information retrieval in extensive technical documentation

This master thesis describes how large quantities of technical information can be presented and searchable by innovative thinking of visual experiences. The main aim of the work has been to examine and discover new and more usable ways to present, navigate and find in large quantities of comprehensive, complicated and advanced technical documentation and information, regarding requirements and desiderata from the users

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